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Dr. Ricardo Al Khouri

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I am Dr. Ricardo Al Khouri, A general practitioner practicing in Uralla Medical Centre, NSW 2358, Australia. I had been associated with the leading private medical institution of Al Noor Hospital since March 1995 as a General Practitioner, and since May 2001 in the capacity of Head of Emergency Dept. 

In a bid to further highlight my credentials, diverse talents and academic qualifications for potential employers and organizations, I have created the following web portal for easy reference. 

Believing in the code of ethics of this caring profession, and that industrious and conscientious work would definitely be rewarding for an overwhelmingly ambitious person like myself, I have painstakingly improved my standing in the community of doctors  through my on-going academic updates.

To view my documents, choose a link from the navigation bar, the pictures are thumbnails, click on anyone to enlarge it....

Thank you all.

Dr. Ricardo Al Khouri


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